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How Big Should My Television Be?

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CATV Proof Testing with the Tektronix® 2714 Analyzer.

The typical spectrum analyzer in use for cable television purposes is a swept-tuned or scanning radio-frequency analyzer. This means that instead of displaying signal amplitude as a function of time as is done by the oscilloscope, the spectrum analyzer will use the frequency domain as the x-axis on its graphical display. Continued...

CRT vs DLP vs LCD vs LCoS vs Plasma - What Does it All Mean?

Once upon a time television was just "the tube".  There were no strings of acronyms to describe the type of display being watched.  Advances in display technology has changed that simple scenario.  There are now several competing technologies that can present a picture and, of course, they all purport to do it best. Continued...

DTV & HDTV Explained.

The application of the word "digital" to many things electronic has come to signify an elevation in quality, but should it?  For digital television (DTV), the act of converting the product (the television analog signal)into a digital format prior to transmission does enable the consistency of the product for the end user.  Continued...

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