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How Far Should I Sit From My Television?

A TV Distance Calculator for Widescreen HDTV

If the distance is already known and the screen size is needed visit

Enter the diagonal size of the television screen in inches:


Click this button to calculate the recommended distance in feet to sit from the screen:


This minimum distance should be reserved exclusively for 1080p high definition programming and the creation of an immersive theater experience:

  ft min.

This maximum distance is for casual viewing of both standard and high definition material of all resolutions.

  ft. max.

There are many recommendations supplied on the subject of television size by differing professional organizations in the television and movie industries. These recommendations are based on studies that reflect the visual acuity and comfort of the viewer with respect to the display of motion pictures in differing formats.

This calculator addresses widescreen (16:9 ratio) displays regardless of whether the screen type is LCD, plasma, projection, or otherwise. The calculator has created two boundaries based on the aforementioned recommendations. The minimum distance is suggested for those viewers interested in simulating a theater experience with 1080p high definition material only. The maximum distance is suggested for those viewers who want the ability to enjoy the detail of high definition material (720p, 1080i, 1080p), but expect to continue viewing standard definition programming, as well.

This calculator only creates a "rule of thumb". The comfort zone for any given viewer may likely exist somewhere between the calculated boundaries.

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